My Dunedin Itinerary

First self-publishing a success for runaway

11 December 2015 (68.8 KB in PDF format)

Dunedin-based mobile game developer Runaway has had a strong start to its self-publishing expansion with the relaunch of Splash: Underwater Sanctuary achieving a 600% increase in players and revenue worldwide.

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Geia.jpg App rates environmental impact

08 December 2015

Discover how your business can become measurably more eco-friendly. Meet Geia (global environmental impact assessment) a Dunedin based website and phone app to measure the environmental impact of businesses in producing their products.


Hail, the great communicator

01 December 2015

Dunedin-based start-up Hail creates websites and publishes digital communications instantly across all channels. It’s a one-stop shop for getting your content out into the marketplace, and it’s going places fast. Read the full NZ Business story here.


From the sports field to the board table - Roy Hawker

20 October 2015

Dunedin-based former professional rugby player Roy Hawker is also the owner of media consultancy Hawker Media, and cloud-based marketing automation software firm Amplifier. Read the full NZ Herald article here.