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The Economic Development team facilitates economic growth in Dunedin by connecting and supporting local business people. Our team has wide experience in business and the public sector, and we are dedicated to using our networking, strategic and corporate expertise to make your business the best it can be. Whether you are a start-up or an established business, we are here to help.

Fraser Liggett

Fraser Liggett

Economic Development Programme Manager

Managing and overseeing the diverse and wide range of portfolios of the Economic Development team.

Antony Deaker

Antony Deaker

Dunedin Film Coordinator

Providing facilitation support to screen projects including locations advice, permits, information resources, introductions to crew and local businesses. Building relationships within the industry.

Chanel O'Brien

Chanel O’Brien

Business Development Advisor

Facilitating and responding to the requirements of the Dunedin Tech business cluster and helping initiate collaboration to grow high Tech companies in Dunedin. Meeting business needs and enabling students to get work experience and the opportunity of permanent employment in the city.

Hui Zhang

Hui Zhang

China Project Coordinator

Providing political credibility and assurance to businesses, parents and students in China to encourage investment in the city, in local businesses and to encourage Chinese international students to choose Dunedin’s schools and tertiary institutions