My Dunedin Itinerary

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The logo is a key component of Dunedin's visual identity and should be considered as a fixed piece of artwork with each element forming a whole that cannot be modified, rearranged or dissembled. The colour is inspired by the Gothic bluestone architecture of Dunedin and the font by the NOM*d Dunedin T-shirt with permission from NOM*d.

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Minimum size

The Dunedin logo should be at least 30mm wide.

Location on a page

The logo should always be placed on the lower right-hand corner of the advert. Any other logos incorporated into the advert will be placed alongside to the left of the logo.

The Dunedin photographic style

The photographic style is a mix inspired by the Lomography movement, photojournalism and photo vérité. The casual, candid and spontaneous shooting style reinforces the authenticity of the Dunedin brand. The Lomography approach of 'don’t think, just shoot' and employing unusual points of view captures the creative, edgy and expressive layers of the brand.  Shooting lots of images creates serendipitous outcomes. The obvious and expected are to be avoided and the images should create a sense of intrigue.


Photoshop is used to grade the photos with high contrasts, unusual colour saturation and vignetting that mimics the Lomo camera and “cross-processing” ie developing film in a chemical other than what it was made for. Specifically, we will be after the effect created when colour slide film is processed as standard 35mm film.