My Dunedin Itinerary

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Dunedin is an accredited film-friendly city — it’s easy to film here.

Dunedin provides an ideal canvas for filmmakers, with beautiful landscapes and heritage buildings bathed in cool, clear light. From wild beaches to evocative architecture, the region offers an array of locations.

These intrinsic features are underpinned by a strong creative sector, with quality designers, animators and game developers operating within established global networks.

Movies featuring scenes shot locally include:

  • Light Between Oceans
  • Sylvia
  • Wolverine

Along with local productions such as:

  • Out of the Blue
  • I Survived a Zombie Holocaust

How we can support your project

Enterprise Dunedin can help you:

  • find film locations
  • work with relevant council departments
  • find local technical support.

Film permits and location fees

To film in Dunedin you need a film permit, and you may need to pay a location fee.

Information and resources


For further information, contact:

Antony Deaker

Antony Deaker

Dunedin Film Coordinator

Providing facilitation support to screen projects including locations advice, permits, information resources, introductions to crew and local businesses. Building relationships within the industry.