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Education & research

Dunedin’s education and research sector is thriving and attracts people from throughout New Zealand and around the world.

Dunedin is recognised as a leading educational centre both nationally and internationally. From global business successes germinated by academic curiosity to vibrant graduation parades that bring the central city to life, the Dunedin City Council, tertiary institutes, businesses and students work together for mutual benefit.

New Zealand’s oldest university, the University of Otago, is highly respected for its teaching and research, bringing students and staff to the city from New Zealand and around the world. Otago Polytechnic is a leader in hands-on responsive research and career-focused education; its students are high achievers who earn the polytechnic resounding endorsements from employers.

Enterprise Dunedin supports connections between businesses and the education sector through the following programmes:

How we can support your business

Enterprise Dunedin can help you:

  • work with relevant council departments
  • find and retain skilled staff.


For further information, contact:

Fraser Liggett

Fraser Liggett

Economic Development Programme Manager

Managing and overseeing the diverse and wide range of portfolios of the Economic Development team.

Chanel O'Brien

Chanel O’Brien

Business Development Advisor

Facilitating and responding to the requirements of the Dunedin Tech business cluster and helping initiate collaboration to grow high Tech companies in Dunedin. Meeting business needs and enabling students to get work experience and the opportunity of permanent employment in the city.