Why games?

The global games market is worth over US $137.9 billion (according to Newzoo 2018 figures), with 51 % of this attributed to mobile games.

In New Zealand alone, the video games industry has grown 39% annually for the last six years and is now worth over $143 million annually. It is also one of the fastest growing creative careers, with the number of developers and artists in the industry rising by 10% in 2018. There are expected to be 150 new interactive game development jobs created in New Zealand over the next year.

The ‘weightless’ nature of video games means geography is no barrier to international market success. Digital media is easily portable, has few trade barriers and massive growth potential.

What are video games?

Interactive media - including video games educational games, mobile apps, augmented reality and interactive story-telling - is one of the fastest growing parts of the New Zealand digital economy.

Video games are a form of interactive digital media which can be used both for entertainment and for serious purposes such as education and health.

Games for entertainment: everything from online scrabble and mobile app puzzles through to live multi-player and role-playing games and will be the primary focus of CODE.

Serious Games: games that have a primary purpose beyond entertainment, including games for health.

Contrary to popular belief, gaming in its various forms appeals to a diverse cross section of society and can have many positive impacts, including improving thinking skills, dexterity and helping to manage pain.

Who are New Zealand’s gamers?

  • 67 percent of Kiwis play video games
  • 47 percent of these players are women
  • 31 percent of New Zealanders watch esports
  • 44 percent of seniors aged 65 years and over play video games.