CODE funding

CODE Funding is now available

KickStart and StartUp funding

The Fifth Round of CODE KickStart and StartUp funding opens for Expressions of Interest on 2 August 2022, for applications from Dunedin-based game developers and studios. Details of the results for the results of the previous rounds of CODE Funding can be found here

ScaleUp funding

ScaleUp is open as an on-demand program and can be applied for at any time (subject to CODE's discretion).

Additionally, specific funding for kaupapa Māori projects will be available at a subsequent time. Funding requests for the KickStart, StartUp and ScaleUp props are of course open to all applicants, including Māori, and we welcome applications from diverse backgrounds, especially those currently underrepresented in the games industry of Aotearoa.

How to apply

For all funding categories, the process starts with an Expression of Interest, which must be submitted to us by 23 August 2022 for Kickstart & StartUp - ScaleUp is open continuously. After reading the funding information below, you can submit yours here:

After that, we’ll assist you through the full application process, which closes 25 October 2022.

Don’t be shy! If you think you might be eligible and need some information or support, we’re here to help - and we’re always keen to hear from you. To get in touch: email

The aim of the funding

CODE Funding aims to support the Ōtepoti Dunedin game development ecosystem by assisting diverse creators and studios to develop digital game prototypes, found new studios or expand existing companies’ ambitions.

CODE is funded by the Provincial Growth Fund, with an explicit remit to build the capacity of individuals and entities to drive innovation, revenue and jobs in the local game development sector, which is why funding is limited to Dunedin-based ventures.

Available funds

KickStart (Range: $10,000 - $40,000)

Are you a Dunedin-based individual and/or small team wanting to create innovative, working game prototypes that have “found the fun” – with a functioning core gameplay loop ready to attract further funding or external investment?

If you think this is you, check out the KickStart Funding Summary of Information and Terms and Conditions.

Submit your Expression of Interest by 23 August 2022

Start Up (Range: $50,000 - $150,000)

Perhaps you have extensive experience working for a gamedev company and are now looking to travel under your own steam. Perhaps you have an indigenous story to tell interactively. Perhaps you have worked with one or two other experienced devs for a while on outside-of-work projects or game jams, and you want to coalesce as a partnership to realise a shared vision with great commercial prospects. Perhaps you have launched, failed and learned from a previous self-funded venture. Maybe you’re a more senior academic with a serious game idea ripe for commercialisation. We want to help talented people with vision, from a diverse range of backgrounds, start great games companies in Dunedin.

If you think this is you, check out the Start Up Funding Summary of Information and Terms and Conditions.

Submit your Expression of Interest by 23 August 2022 by going to:

Scale Up (Range: $75,000 - $250,000)

Have you already tasted success and are carefully weighing up the return from increasing ambition versus the risk of overstretching? We want to talk to any company in the games arena with ambition, to help with stretch goals that lead to more employment in Dunedin and add value to the wider economy here, for example with pass on benefits for local partners. You are also putting your money where your mouth is – we expect to see matched funding on a sliding scale from yourselves or outside investors.

If you think this is you, check out the ScaleUp Guidelines and Terms and Conditions.

which can be submitted anytime

We recommend you use the CODE Game Design Document Requirements, found here

Service Start Fund (Range: $10,000 - $50,000)

We are aiming to support new or young businesses in the video game industry that are providing tools or technical services for game developers – aside from CODE’s usual game content funding programmes. These businesses can provide employment, build community capability, and create new pathways for recent graduates into the globally-expanding video game industry.

If you think this is you, check out the Service Start Guidelines and Terms and Conditions.