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Surfing in Dunedin

St ClairSurfer Surfing in Dunedin Surfing in Dunedin Surfing in Dunedin Surfing in Dunedin Surfing in Dunedin Surfing in Dunedin

From surfing great beach breaks close the city centre, to long fun point breaks on the North Coast, to numerous hidden reefs breaks, Dunedin has waves to be surfed by everyone!

Geographically Dunedin is wide open to South swells ranging consistently from 1 m-3m, but 4m to 6m-plus waves are a regular occurrence in the Winter months.

A combination of East and North swells from tropical cyclones offer surfers a similar wave quality around Dunedin's north coast, encompassing over 10 surf breaks from Aramoana Beach, Murdering Bay through to little fishing village of Karitane.

Combining the north and south coast's there is rarely a day when there is no surf with an off-shore wind.

St Clair is a popular wave for surfing that can sometimes get crowded. Hazards include sharks, rips and crowds. Waves at the beach break both ways and the right hand point is known for its consistency. Best on mid to low tide. Optimal wind direction is from the north or northwest.

Click here for a list of Dunedin Beaches, most of which can be surfed

St Clair Beach Surf Cams

St Clair Surf Cam

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Surfing in Dunedin

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