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Dunedin City Council services

This section contains information about the Dunedin City Council's services including animal control, building consent, food safety, rubbish recycling, parking, biodiversity to business support.

  • Alcohol Licensing
    If you are planning a party, opening a bar or anything in between, find out first if you need a licence.
  • Animal Services
    Dog registration details plus all the information you need about owning an animal in Dunedin City.
  • Building Services
    The Dunedin City Council is an accredited Building Consent Authority (BCA).
  • Business support
    We are facilitators in assisting the implementation of the Economic Development Strategy which has been developed to increase skills, incomes, job opportunities and investment in the City.
  • City safety
    The DCC has a role in ensuring our residents and visitors can live, work and play safely in our city.
  • Community support
    The Community Development team provides advice to the DCC on community, recreation, arts and environment issues.
  • Customer Services
    Customer Services is the first point of contact for the majority of Dunedin City Council's customers. Find out what they do and how to contact them.
  • Cycling
    Cycling is growing in popularity in Dunedin and is increasingly becoming an area that needs our attention. We have strategies in place to encourage cycling as a means of transport as well as campaigns to make it safer.
  • Dunedin Heritage
  • Environmental Health
    This section explains Dunedin City Council's regulatory role in promoting, protecting and improving the health of the city's residents.
  • Parking
    Where to park, where not to park, what to do if you get a ticket , parking schemes, permits and more.
  • Rates information
    Find out about the rates information, how to search, information we hold, how you can apply to withold your name and rates rebate process.
  • Resettlement
    We welcome our newest residents – people who have had to flee civil war in Syria and are resettling in Dunedin.
  • Roads and footpaths
    The Dunedin City Council maintains all public roads and footpaths, except for those parts of the State Highway Network that are managed by the NZTA.
  • Rubbish and recycling
    Information about recycling, rubbish collection, landfill hours and charges and more.
  • Stormwater
    Stormwater is rain or snow runoff that does not soak into the soil.
  • Street Banners
    Street pole banners / flags add colour and vitality to Dunedin City, as well as informing the public of upcoming festivals or events.
  • Trees
    We play an active role designing, maintaining and managing the look and feel of Dunedin City's landscape, and this includes being responsible for a number of trees in Dunedin's parks, reserves, and city streets.
  • Waste minimisation
    We adopted the Waste Management and Minimisation Plan in 2013.
  • Wastewater
    Dunedin's seven wastewater treatment plants service communities ranging in size from 100 to 83,000.
  • Water supply
    We manage collection, supply, treatment and distribution of water to domestic and commercial residents in Dunedin.
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